Dowpol Chemical International Corp.

Dowpol Chemical

Application in Lube & Grease

we focuse mainly on various synthetic base oils, including Polyalphaolefin(PAO),Esters, alkylbenzene, Polybutene, alkyl naphthalene, normal-paraffin and iso-paraffin,etc. Medium & high viscosity PAO base oil and esters are products with our own independent intellectual property. The department possesses abundant experiences and extensive supplying channels for Group I/II/III base oils, with long-term cooperation with world-famous lubricant companies such as SK,GS-Caltex,Lubrizol,CP-Chem and Idemitsu, etc, which facilitates its comprehensive supplying of various raw materials and formula solutions for its clients.


Polyalphaolefin oligomers (PAO), 1 commonly referred to as synthetic hydrocarbons, have many favorable properties which contribute to their rapidly growing use for a variety of industrial applications. They have low pour points, low volatility, good software compatibility, thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, chemical inertness and good natural lubricity. Read more