Dowpol Chemical International Corp.

Dowpol Chemical

Branch Offices of Dowpol

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Dowpol Headquarters

Mr. XU Sen   General Manager
Mobile:86-159 2118 8995 
Tel: 86-21-80168636 

Performance Chemicals Dept. One

Ms. Cao Yi   Minister
Mobile: 86-159 2118 8991  
Tel: 86-21-8016 8691 
Region: China
Industry: Functional Chemicals

Lube Dept.

Mr. DENG Weibin   Sales Director
Mobile: 86-159 2118 8990  
Tel: 86-21-8016 8628 
Industry: Lubricant and Cosmeticss

Ms. ZHANG Caijiao   Senior Sales Manager
Mobile: 86-159 2118 8997  
Industry: Lubricant

Ms. YANG Luqu   Senior Sales Manager
Mobile: 86-136 8170 8507  
Industry: Lubricant

Performance Chemicals Dept. Two

Mr. WEN Xiyang   Minister
Mobile: 86-159 2118 8993  
Tel: 86-21-8016 8638 
Region: China
Industry: Cosmetics Raw Materials

Solvent Dept.

Mr. ZHANG Yanjun   Minister
Mobile: 86-136 7162 2051  
Tel: 86-21-8016 8662 
Region: China
Industry: Solvent

Ms. CUI Dongmei   Senior Sales Manager
Mobile: 86-139 1643 0745  
Tel: 86-21-8016 8659 
Region: North China
Industry: Aerosol and Clean

Overseas Department

Selina Wang  Minister
Mobile: 86-159 2179 7772  
Tel: 86-21-5876 9912 
Region: Overseas

Warehouse in Shanghai

Add: No.139 Gongyue Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-5858 0803

Warehouse in Tianjing
Warehouse in Guangzhou

Add: No.1 Hongda Road, Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou, China

Global Business Department

Avy   Minister
手 机:86-137 6162 7676
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