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Lubricant Additives include antioxidants / extreme pressure / antiwear additives and gear oil additive packages.

We have been supplying the petroleum industry with lubricant additives for many years. We market a wide range of chemical products which improve or enhance the performance characteristics of finished lubricating oils and greases.

Oxidation inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, antiwear agents, and gear oil additive package are examples of the types of additives we supply. These products are used in automotive, gasoline and diesel engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, turbine oils and many other industrial oil and grease applications.

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DowSyn VM260
DowSyn VM260 is a hydrogenated styrene-diene star polymer. It is a premium viscosity index improver (HSD VII) with excellent shear stability and good thickening efficiency. « Read more
NeoFlex 680 Pour Point Depressant
NeoFlex 680 Pour Point Depressant is based on the Neo Synthetic Hydrocarbon chemistry. It delivers good low-temperature performance that adapts to a variety of base oils for use in automotive and industrial lubricants. « Read more

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