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Isoparaffin Solvents - IP SOLVENT and IP CLEAN

The number one isoparaffin solvent producer in Asia, Idemitsu's provides a wide range of products for different needs. Using advanced technology developed in-house, Idemitsu synthesizes high-purity isoparaffin. In addition to being low-odor, Idemitsu's isoparaffin solvent products have a low pour point and proper viscosity, and are highly safe.

Idemitsu offers two lines of isoparaffin solvents, IP SOLVENT and IP CLEAN, each available in a wide range of grades, including a low-µ formulation suitable for cosmetic applications. In addition to all the benefits of IP SOLVENT such as the high purity and range of applications, IP CLEAN, offers the additional characteristics of excellent drying and distillation recovery. IP CLEAN is also environmentally friendly and has a low bromine index.