Dowpol Chemical International Corp.

Dowpol Chemical

A world of opportunity where you’re at centre stage

To attract the best talent worldwide, we offer a stimulating workplace based on open collaboration, personal development and rich rewards.

Your career, your choice

You’ll have many opportunities to change functions and work overseas. Our different career advancement programmes and opportunities for internal mobility are enablers for your growth. Through open discussion with your manager, you will set exciting yearly objectives. You will enrol in a course of training accordingly.

Competitive salary and benefits

A key part of our HR policy is recognising each employee’s contribution to the performance of the company. We ensure remuneration is fair and competitive in the relevant market. Depending on the country and position, your compensation package includes benefits such as bonuses, health insurance, pension plans or employee share schemes.

Balanced work life

Depending on your location, a range of services can help you balance work with the other demands of your lifestyle. Flexible hours, childcare benefits, support networks and home care for the elderly are available in some countries.

Ongoing training

From day one, an orientation programme will help you understand your mission and our company strategy. Throughout your career, our best-in-class training programmes will not only help you develop your skills, but also travel and discover colleagues from all over the world.