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IP Solvent 1016

Model: IP 1016IP solvent 1016 is a low-µ formulation suitable for cosmetic applications. It is the high purity and range of applications, it is also environmentally friendly


*Low-odor and high purity
*Environmentally friendly and Good biodegradability
*Good low temperature performance and solvency
*Excellent drying and distillation recovery
*Low-μ formulation suitable for cosmetic applications
*Completely compatible with wax, silicone and medicament


Item Unit Typical Test Method
Appearance Bright & Clear Bright & Clear  
Color APHA 5 max ASTM D1209
Density@15 ℃ g/cm3 0.70~0.74 ASTM D4052
Flash Point(TAG) -12 ASTM D56
Flash Point(PM) ℃(PM) ASTM D93
Distillation Temperature   ASTM D86
IBP 73  
   50% 110  
   EP 140  
Kinematic Viscosity@37.8℃ cSt 0.601 ASTM D446
Pour Point -70max ASTM D97
Bromine Index mg/100g ASTM D2710
Sulfur Content wt ppm ASTM D3120
Chlorine Content wt ppm ASTM D5808
Aroma Content wt ppm UOP495-75
Water Content wt ppm 40 ASTM D6304
Aniline Point 72 ASTM D611
KB Value 32 ASTM D1133
Solubility Parameter 7.7  


*Metal cleaning
*Anti-rust oils
*Pesticides solvents 
*Metal working fluids
*Wax cleaners


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